No need to risk backing into traffic when you have a CarTurner vehicle turntable. Just drive on, push the remote control (like a garage door opener) and the car turntable rotates you safely and easily, so you can drive off head-first. Eliminate accidents and property damage. Protect children from harm. Turn parking stress into pride of ownership with this practical and classy upgrade for your home. No digging required as the car turner mounts on the surface of your existing driveway.


Driveways can be concrete or solid asphalt for easy mounting. On gravel driveways, a concrete pad will be necessary. A CarTurner technician will install your unit for you in one afternoon. Don't worry, both the freight and the installation technician is included in your price!


The Car turner runs on safe 24v current, yet it is still strong enough to turn even the heaviest vehicles. It's 13'6" turning platform is large enough for full-size residential vehicles. Its stainless steel construction assures you a long life of rust-free operation, and its full three year warranty offer security and peace of mind.




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